🎉Welcome to our website, professors, TAs, students, or robot enthusiasts!🎉
💥You have reached Team Firework 💥
😋Members in our lovely cheerful team are Christina, Caroline, Felipe, Pei-Yi, Ian and Xitang :D😋
💪This website is used to document Team 12's Thursday Lab progess in ECE 3400 💪

🔥 Final Competition 🔥

Click to learn more about how Sparky made it to the Final Competition.

🔥 Sparky 🔥

Visit our lovely robot Sparky. Sparky gets a little lonely over there!

🔥 Shoutouts 🔥

We'd like to give a great big shoutout to our professor Kirstin and our lab TAs Justin and Vidya for helping throughout Sparky's adventures. They worked really hard on ECE 3400, so go check out all their hard work here!

🔥 We have tutorials now :o 🔥

Check out our tutorials page for instructables on HTML and AutoCAD!

Meanwhile, if you're trying to procrastinate on something, check out some of these cool things we found.

See the Pen HTML5 canvas and javascript fireworks tutorial by haiqing wang (@whqet) on CodePen.